today we have a separation in the Islamic and Jewish community.this separation wasn't always so.what happen?from the world politics and anti-groups we know the problems and it's purely political.are Muslims and Jews at war with each other?no!only Zionist and islamist are at war. political parties that associate religion for a base.Muslims and Jews for the most have co-existed with each other in communities all over the world for centuries.we have watch each others children shared meals,walked and worked side by side and even build towns together.what happened?Zionist that want land or other things who knows,what else the want.they want they want all the land of Palestine and even have said they would love to see the Arab race destroyed.the Zionist even attack true Jews .a true Jew can't even speak out against them in fear of beatings or killing.and islamist are identical.if u are not down with the islamist party in the areas i will not mention.they will sure try and kill you.they say the Jews are the scum and they wish to destroy all one as to ask.are islamist the same as Muslim?most think they are .as with Zionist and Jews,are all Jews Zionist.and the answer for both questions are no!Jews are the true people of Israel as spoken of in the Hebrew bible and the Muslim Quran.Zionist is not there.they are not a religious group just a terror group with much propaganda and many agendas.
as the islamist,they are not the people of the quran that love God and wanna live in peace.islamist are purely of the evil shay-ton.full of the jin.they could care less for peace and only see that death and destruction comes to all that oppose their ideology.islamist and Zionist are at war .not Muslims and Jews.Islam and Judaism are not at war but Zionist and islamist no thats clear.may the world see that Jews and Muslims in their fundamental teachings are suppose be peace and loving humans.regardless of what the political parties do.religion and politics are not the same and they should not be fused together.


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