are they really they are not .even tho popular opinion suggest that Muslims hate Jews and Jews hate muslims.islamist are not Muslim and Zionist are not jews.zionist (a Jewish faction)and islamist (a Muslim faction)are crazy and idiots they have a political agenda and religion on both sides have nothing to do with the conflict.and in the middle the true jews and Muslims are stuck in this trash heap of political party junk.mslim and jews have lived side by side for hundreds of Morocco ,Moorish spain,Yemen,omen,Syria,iran,(even Iran has an estimated 25,000 the islamic republic of iran.a muslim country and they are safe and are not killed are any of this.)there are jewish rabbis (Jewish preacher)that say that Israel should have never been a country .because the jews are suppose to be in exile by God.that zionist stole the books and the symbols of Judaism and have made jews look like Muslim and arab hating war mongers.this is not true at the same for muslims.the islamist have done so many political stunts that now most the world thinks muslims hate jews,christians and non Muslims,and that they want to kill anyone that is not the real Muslims have to be faced with what the retarded islamist have put into public opinion.the Quran(Muslim holy book)says it best .when it says.if you kill one innocent God it will be the same as if you killed all of mankind .


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