was thinking the other day how many Church's of different denominations were there..and it breaks down into 5 category's of thought.early-Christianity,   pre-Catholicism ,Catholicism,protestant and new-comers.and of course not all branches of Catholicism,follow the pope in Rome..for starters the first were not even called Christians but just the followers of Jesus the Christ,and they had no real organization.then came the eastern-orthodox,they are similar to catholics and they are the orthodox-catholics and they do not have ties with the pope of romanise catholics with the exception of a few.i will now list the churches of the eastern orthodox in 2 category's ones that tie to the pope and the independent ones .first the independent ones as follows
1.Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
2.Finnish Orthodox Church
3.Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church
4.Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch
5.Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem
6.Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai
7.Russian Orthodox Church
8.Latvian Orthodox Church
Moldovan Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Japanese Orthodox Church
Chinese Orthodox Church
Serbian Orthodox Church
Macedonian Orthodox Church
Romanian Orthodox Church
Metropolis of Bessarabia
Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Georgian Orthodox Church
Church of Greece
Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania
Polish Orthodox Church
Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
 and there is only one eastern orthodox church that is under the pope and that is:
1.Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria
now i know it sounds like these are just one church in the presumed country name but in fact it is not there are hundreds of churches under these patriarchs.all over the world.now we will dive into Catholicism even in Catholicism the unorthodox.not all follow the pope.so we will list the ones that follow the pope first and then the ones that do not.
Greek Catholic Church
Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
Italo-Albanian Catholic Church
Macedonian Greek Catholic Church
Romanian Church
Russian Catholic Church
Ruthenian Catholic Church
Slovak Greek Catholic Church.
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
here are the list of unorthodox Catholics denominations that don't follow the pope.
Maronite Church
Melkite Greek Catholic Church
Syriac Catholic Church
Armenian Catholic Church
Belarusian Greek Catholic Church
Chaldean Catholic Church
Coptic Catholic Church
Eparchy of Križevci
Georgian Catholic Church
these are just the main Branch's of Catholicism
one other branch from Catholicism is Anglicans or the Anglican church
there 3 types
orthodox Anglican
the Anglican Lusitania Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church
and the Anglican Episcopal Church and all three denominations of Anglicans have no ties with the pope ,roman,orthodox,or UN-orthodox catholics.and then u have many independents so many most considering themselves the old catholic church.then u have the normal-orthodox.confused yet so am i.but we must carry on.
they are as follows
the Byzantine orthodox church
Oriental orthodox church
Western-Rite orthodox church
Assyrian orthodox church
this concludes the recognized catholics side.
now onto the protestants.
pre lutherans churches are as follows

Moravian Church
Unity of the Brethren
now on to Lutheranism these are the churches that follows from martin Luther(no not martin Luther king.)
are are a hundred or more so denominations within Lutheranism
but they break to just three distinction's
so we will say there are only 4 of these denominations as a whole.
Evangelical Church churches of Lutheranism
the ortho-dox
the independent
the apostolic-Lutheran church
then Calvinism churches and these fall in to 3 formal denominations with thousands of churches of varying titles.
here are the names
first great awaking church
remonstrants church
Congregational Federation Church
now onto the next denomination branch"Presbyterianism"
the main branches are as follows Bible Presbyterian Church
Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches
Greek Evangelical Church
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Southern Presbyterian Church
the next one is called Congregationalist Churches
and it is the only branch
our next group is the Anabaptists
they have 2 main groups
Amish and Apostolic Christian Church
next group are the breather
they have 2 distinct branches
missionary church
Mennonite Church
next group are the methodist
they do not have any distinct branches
next are Pietists and Holiness Churches they also have no distinct branches except the church of god.
now for one of the largest branches that has so many sub-branches that IT could be considered a separate Christian movement like catholicism. the baptist churches
here are the branches
Alliance of Baptists
American Baptist Association
Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Baptist Bible Fellowship International
Black Primitive Baptists
Bible Baptist
Central Baptist Association
Continental Baptist Churches
Christian Unity Baptist Association
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Evangelical Free Baptist Church
Free Will Baptist
General Association of Baptists
General Association of General Baptists
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches
Separate Baptists
Independent Baptist
Sovereign Grace Baptists
Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists
United American Free Will Baptist Church
Reformed Baptist
Old Baptist Union
Old Time Missionary Baptist
Independent Baptist Fellowship International
and i could name dozens more......
but on to the next denomination
Apostolic Churches – Irvingites
they have to branches catholic and non catholic.
now on to the second largest Christian group  Pentecostalism
they have more than a 100 branches so i want even list them they are similar to the baptist.
the next are Charismatics churches no real separate benches then u have non-Charismatics they has well have no distinct branches.
the next group are the new comers.i will list only the denomination and not the branches
African Initiated Churches
United and uniting churches
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers
Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement
Millerites and comparable groups
Sabbath-Keeping Churches, Adventist
Sabbath-Keeping Churches, Non-Adventist
Sunday Adventists
Sacred Name Groups
Latter Day Saints
Prairie Saint" denominations
Rocky Mountains denominations
Nontrinitarian groups
Unitarianism and Universalism
Other non-Trinitarians
Messianic Judaism
New Thought
Esoteric Christianity
Syncretistic religions incorporating elements of Christianity
and many many others are out there these are just the most popular ones....wow how do we decide ..hell if i know.



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