as the Muslim holy month of ramadan draws to a close.and many festivities will be going on in the coming days.the muslims also face a hard day so close in this years ramadan.because it fell so close to 9/11.with the anniversary of 9/11 coming..and the anti-islamic ,islamophobia.grows and tensions  will rise.but America has to realize that 9/11 was an attack on more than americans or more than  christians.there were many nationalities there has well as many religious traditions practiced by the thousands that were hurt or killed.that attack was also not only on americans but on all humanity.and even tho the hijackers had arab names and claim to adhere to the islamic faith.dosent mean you can blame islam as a whole.just as you cant blame all of Christianity for the spanish inquistion or all the witch hunts and burnings,where women that did not have the same views as the church they were thought to be witches and burned at the stake and many were boiled alive.we could go all throughout history and see it everywhere.but it does not mean you could blame an entire religion for it or a group of people for the actions of one.everyone was attacked that day.think of it many kids don't have parents after it.many spouses,brothers,sister,dads,moms,aunts, uncles,grandparents,cousins,best friends,and think how it would be if you were in their shoes.its painful feeling.with closing i ask any logical thinking person to really think about it the next time they wanna bash a religious or any other group based only on the actions of the few.peace to all humanity .through God only will it prevail.


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