here are some youtube videos from newscast and interviews with various people and celebs speaking about the 9/11 conspiracy.
this first one is a news cast about charlie sheen.near the end of the interview....listen to rosie o'donnel take on the first time in history steal was melted by a fire.

in the next video has charlie sheen's father martin sheen and his view of 9/11.

in the following videos is from willie nelson's view.
next video former wrestler and govenor of min.jesse ventura ,alex jones and willie nelson discussing 9/11.
another video telling how this goverment is the true terrorist.
jesse ventura talking about 9/11 and other things on larry king
some other footage of the explosions
another thing that is funny is the planes that flew into the towers were not comercial airlines..when u inspect all the planes..they are plain painted no logos and they have no windows..a plane that should not at all even be in the was not a comerical flight..and another thing..there have not been any bodies or bones or anything from cilians found from the site..concluding these were un-manned planes ..(look up drones)in a ploy for the u.s.goverment to make a new public enemy.and it worked now arabs are all considered a terrorist..and since the vast majority of arabs follow islam..islam has been also put in the light of terrorism but they didnt think about how many muslims are not arab.arabs make up about 13%of muslims.while malayians make up over half..followed bye cousis(white people)from europe to america.then blacks make the next largest part of muslims..muslims are found on every continent and in every country..muslims speak every language.they are black they are white,they are yellow and they are red.all colors and all societies.they are rich and they are poor..islam is a world wide religons for all peopels of all creeds colors and nationalitys and races,terrorist are terrorist and muslims are muslims..they cant be one in the these are just a few videos from other sources that are non islamic that proves that 9/11 was not about muslim terrorist attacking the us. ...More


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